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CBD Benefits 2019

What is CBD?

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about CBD People are now asking, “What is CBD?”. CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol - an active ingredient of cannabis or marijuana. This ingredient is vital in medical marijuana and is directly derived from the hemp...

CBD for Pain: Is it true and does it last?

When you Google “CBD,” you will get over 200,000,000 link results in just a wink of an eye. This number only shows that there’s a massive interest over CBD or cannabis extract cannabidiol. CBD is now flaunted as an answer to anything that makes you ill. There are...

CBD for Dogs

Key Points a Dog Parent Needs to Know About CBD for Dogs Hello dog lovers! Have you heard of the latest buzz in the pet community? It’s about CBD being the remedy to overall dog ailments! The question now is, is this true? Is it even legal for our paw buddies? Many...

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